Parking Information

Permission to drive and park on school grounds is a privilege. Any student in violation of any parking guidelines is subject to; ticketing with fine, booting and towing of vehicle and other, disciplinary action such as revocation of parking permit/driving privilege, ISS, OSS etc. 

Kellam High School Decal Application (complete and submit electronically)

Student Parent Decal Acknowledgement Form
(Print & Return at the time of decal purchase.)

  • To obtain a parking decal, students must complete the “Parking Decal Application” in its entirety. Bring the signed form, current registration, driver’s license and $45 (cash or check only) to the Main Office to purchase a decal. ATC or VoTech Students the cost is $35.
  • Decals will be issued on Tuesdays only. Students are not permitted to park an automobile or motorcycle without a parking decal.
  • The fee for an original or lost/replacement decal is $45.00. Transfer a decal to a new vehicle cost $5.
  • Decals must be hung on the rear-view mirror and visible when viewed from the front of the car. The vehicle must be parked with the rear bumper facing out.  Students should not back into a parking space.
  • Students may drive a different vehicle on a temporary basis, one-week max. Please notify the main office. It is your responsibility to keep the office informed should drive a different car longer than a week.
  • Lending or duplicating your decal or obtaining a decal for another student is strictly prohibited. You will be subject to fines and/or disciplinary action.
  • Students are responsible for their vehicle regardless of who is driving.
  • While driving in the parking lot avoid cutting into the traffic flow, driving over curbs, or speeding. Parking lot speed limit is 5 mph.
  • The volume of the vehicle sound system must be kept low while on school grounds.
  • Students are permitted to park in the FRONT OF THE SCHOOL in an unmarked spot. Parking in spots marked Handicapped, Visitor, Staff, Office Staff, Reserved, Principal or Assistant Principal is prohibited. Any car parked in a marked spot, yellow/fire zone, grassy areas or white/grey paved areas is subject to be ticketed, booted or towed.
  • Handicapped students with proper handicapped plates/placard are permitted to park in handicapped parking. Please notify the main office.
  • Loitering in the parking lot is not permitted. Once you have parked your car, report to the building.
  • During regular school hours, if a student wishes to return to their car for any reason, they must report to the main office or security desk to get permission or be escorted. Using a vehicle to leave school grounds without permission is prohibited. Students MUST sign out at the security desk.
  • Upon receiving a parking ticket, the student reports to the main office.
    • 1st Ticket = Copy of violation is filed and for most offenses this serves as a warning
    • 2nd Ticket = Student must report to the office to pay the fine. Vehicle might be booted, and the student could be referred for disciplinary review.
    • 3rd Ticket = Vehicle may be booted, and parking privileges can be revoked
    • Students with excessive unpaid fines will have their parking privileges revoked.
  • Vehicle boots placed on a vehicle will not be removed until end of the school day after the parking lot is cleared of all traffic, and the fine is paid. This is for safety reasons.
  • The replacement cost for damaged or stolen boots will be billed to the owner of the booted car.


Any questions regarding decals may be addressed to Mrs. Isom, Assistant Principal.