Parking Information

Parking Decals are SOLD OUT!

All Student drivers are required to have a decal to park on school property during school hours. If a student parks without a decal, they are subject to a ticket, a vehicle boot or towing. 


Parking Rules and Locations

High school students who meet the requirements and accept the responsibilities of driving private automobiles to school are permitted to do so (subject to availability of parking spaces).  This privilege depends upon the student's willingness to follow the parking and vehicle usage regulations as prescribed by the individual high school.  Failure to adhere to these regulations could result in forfeiture of the privilege of parking a motor vehicle on school property or, in the case of a parking violation, having one's vehicle towed from the premises at the operator's expense.


Due to the limited number of parking spaces and the large number of students desiring parking spaces, permits will issued to SENIORS and JUNIORS only. All SENIORS and JUNIORS with parking permits entering school prior to 8:00 am will be assigned parking spaces that are accessible only through the first (crossing guard monitored) entrance. The second entrance is reserved for staff, buses, and student with special permits who are late arrivals due to attending morning ATC, Technical and Career Center and seniors with no first block. Students are allowed to use only one parking space for each decal purchased.  

Parents dropping off student should continue to do so at the front of the school in the loop. There is visitor parking at the front of the school to the left and the right of the drop-off loop. 

Map details student parking in spots in the parking lot closest to the stoplight. Students with special permits may park in the lots near the tennis courts closest to West Neck Road. All other spots are reserved for staff and buses.