Activity Bus


Monday 4:45 PM 

Tuesday 4:45 PM 

Wednesday 4:45 PM

Thursday 4:45 PM

Friday 4:45 PM

Busses will be located outside of the gym.  

Bus 567 – Ms. Briggs Victoria Park, Courthouse Estates, Courthouse Woods, North Landing Rd, Indian River Rd, N Muddy Creek, Indian River Plantation, Newbridge Rd

Bus 249 – Ms. Harris Christopher Farms, PA Crossing, Buryn Farm, Holland Woods, Holland Rd, PA Rd including: PA Quarter, Highgate greens, Three Oaks, Highgate Crossing, Southgate, Hunt Club area to London Bridge Rd

Bus 063 – Ms. Crayle Ashville Park, Sherwood Lakes, Redmill, Lagomar, heritage Park, Sandbridge

Bus 434 – Ms. Hall West Neck Rd & Blackwater to NC line, North Landing Rd from Indian River to Chesapeake line

Bus 124 or Bus 813 – Mr. Bernard or Ms. Burnette – Princess Anne Woods, Seaboard Rd, Foxfire, Pungo to Knotts Island

**Students riding for the first time should check with the driver to make sure they are on the correct bus.  Busses will deliver students to the nearest intersection to their homes. Students should not have to walk more than approximately 1.5 miles.